Diesel Technician Training Course Information

Our Diesel Technician Training courses can provide you with hands-on training to prepare you for employment in the field. See below for an overview of the program.

UNIT 1 (15 Credit Hours, 390 Contact Hours)

Heavy Duty Vehicle & Tool Orientation
Basic Welding, Tire & Rim Servicing
Foundation Brakes I
Foundation Brakes II
Air Brake Systems I (Dual Circuit)
Air Brake Systems II/Trailer Brakes
ABS Systems (Anti-Lock Braking Systems)
Power Steering & Front Ends
Suspension Systems I
Suspension Systems II
Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Systems
Basic Hydraulics/Hydraulic Brake Systems
Review and Unit Exam


UNIT 2 (15 Credit Hours, 390 Contact Hours)

Preventative Maintenance I
Preventative Maintenance II
Transmissions I
Transmissions II
Drive Axles & Power Dividers I
Drive Axles & Power Dividers II
Basic Diesel Engines
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Disassembly and Inspection
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Assembly I
Engine Timing and Tune-Up
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Assembly II
Review and Unit Exam


UNIT 3 (15 Credit Hours, 390 Contact Hours)

Upper Engine Technology I
Upper Engine Technology II
Basic Electrical I
Basic Electrical II
Start Circuits
Charge Circuits
Chassis Wiring, Gauges & Electrical Accessories
Dieseltronics II
Basic PC Operations
Datalink and Emissions
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
Review and Unit Exam


UNIT 4 (15 Credit Hours, 330 Contact Hours)

Service Consultant and Career Services
Units 1-3 Review
CDL Training

CDL Training/Elective

Information Disclosure Student Consumer Information



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