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Diesel Technician Diploma

TDDS Technical Institute has been training men and women for the Transportation Industry for over 40 years.  We stay true to what we know, Diesel Technician and Professional Truck Driver Training.  At TDDS Technical Institute, we stay focused and committed to your education.  We don’t allow ourselves to get caught up in the moment of hot topic training trends.

TDDS Technical Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.  In addition, the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) credits TDDS graduates with ONE FULL YEAR of experience towards the two (2) year requirement for certification.

Further your career at Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University has recognized the high standards of our Diesel Technician Training Program.  YSU and TDDS Tech have developed a “Joint Educational Partnership” to offer our Diesel Technician grads an Associate in Technical Studies (ATS) Degree in Business Technology.

YSU’s Williamson College of Business Administration may grant TDDS Diesel Tech graduates 30 semester credit hours towards the 63 semester credit hours required for their ATS Degree.

The ATS degree provides TDDS graduates with even more opportunities for career advancement.

The four units of study of our Diesel Training program

1. For your first unit, you can learn heavy-duty vehicle and tool orientation, basic welding, tire and rim servicing, foundation brakes, air brake systems, power steering, basic hydraulics, and suspension systems.

Heavy Duty Vehicle & Tool Orientation

Basic Welding, Tire & Rim Servicing

Foundation Brakes I

Foundation Brakes II

Air Brake Systems I (Dual Circuit)

Air Brake Systems II/Trailer Brakes

ABS Systems (Anti-Lock Braking Systems)

Power Steering & Front Ends

Suspension Systems I

Suspension Systems II

Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Systems

Basic Hydraulics/Hydraulic Brake Systems

Review and Unit Exam

2. The second unit looks at preventative maintenance, transmissions, drive axles, heavy-duty diesel engine assembly and disassembly, and basic diesel engines.

Preventative Maintenance I

Preventative Maintenance II



Transmissions I

Transmissions II

Drive Axles & Power Dividers I

Drive Axles & Power Dividers II

Basic Diesel Engines

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Disassembly and Inspection

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Assembly I

Engine Timing and Tune-Up

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Assembly II

Review and Unit Exam

3. The third unit looks at electronics, including upper engine technology, basic electrics, circuits, chassis wiring, dieseltronics, basic PC operations, and troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Upper Engine Technology I

Upper Engine Technology II

Basic Electrical I

Basic Electrical II

Start Circuits

Charge Circuits

Chassis Wiring, Gauges & Electrical Accessories


Dieseltronics II

Basic PC Operations

Datalink and Emissions

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Review and Unit Exam

4.  The final unit includes service consulting and career services, light-duty diesel, and a review of the previous three units.

Service Consultant and Career Services

Units 1-3 Review

CDL Training

CDL Training/Elective

On completion of each of our diesel mechanic training units, there is a review and a unit exam.

As a diesel mechanic, you can inspect, repair or overhaul buses, 18 wheelers, and any other vehicle with a diesel engine. With our diesel technician training program, you can gain a solid education in the science of diesel engine work.

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